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Life service offers best on demand service according to your demand. Here you will get variety of services like carpentry, house cleaning, furniture making and repair, beauty centers, cell phone repair, tailors, photographers, architectural and civil engineers, tutors, in-home child care and party organization.

You can hire the best technician for your home requirements. You can connect with us in just a few clicks from your phone. Get instant services according to your demand.

To make sure there is no problem with your pump. It is important to get it repaired in time or get it professionally installed and well maintained. The best way to do this is by choosing a qualified technician who is professionally experienced in providing home maintenance services. We are able to provide you with the best Engineer, Technician, and Photographer in your nearest local only.

If you are searching for repair services for your requirements then Life Service is the best option for you. We provide you with the best technicians as per your requirements at an affordable price. You can easily search for the best professionals for your household repair. Now finding the best electricians in my area for casual work is not difficult.

We appoint reliable professionals and technicians who know their job responsibilities. He takes pride in his abilities as a responsible technician. Our team is able to operate with a combination of appreciation, respect, cooperation, professionalism, humility and teamwork.

We are passionate about providing exceptional service experience. This equipment means that we are ready to deal with tough equipment to relieve stress of the customers. Our professionals are available round the clock to solve domestic problems.

It is the best way to find professional services and is expected to revolutionize on demand service. A platform where the best services are provided ahead of time as per customer's demand. We aim to solve our users' everyday household problems by providing them quick and effective solutions.